The World And A Very Small Place Essay

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Globalization has been one of the major central theme in world History. Though there isn’t a specific definition for globalization, many school of thoughts have different ways of explaining the considerable points of what it means to be globalized. However, in the third edition of his book “the world and a very small place in Africa”, Donald R Wright presents much broader scale leading to globalization of the world by reflecting on the past shaping the present, perhaps through intercultural relationships and interconnections between different civilizations and in more broader perspective. He establishes his ideas by incorporating Niumi, a small territory in Gambia transitioning into a substantial world economic and political system from the fifth century. Most prevalently, Wrights centrally points out interactions which led to the spread of ideas, cultures and commerce as the major key to the define globalization. This is important because people have changed most thoroughly, in relatively short periods, by borrowing ideas or adopting technologies from others. This process mean diffusion (p.15). Before 2000 A.D, early civilization was not as globally connected as the world thereafter where there was cultural and economic assimilation between people from different parts of the world. During those era, the network of people interacting with each other grew through conquest by different civilization, new means of transportation, growing trade connections. It didn’t only end…

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