The Work Of The Factory Workers Essay

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During 1820’s, many factories producing cotton textiles with water-powered spinning and weaving machinery. Many young unmarried women from Yankee farm families dominated the workforce that tended the spinning machines. The competition for jobs pushed women to work twelve hours per day with only one hour break. They were suffering from being under treated in the dominant white male society but they had to keep silent. Getting tired of being taken advantage of and have no right to speak up for themselves. In 1830’s a group of female workers at Yankee engaged in strikes, and petitioned the legislature to limit their hours of labor and better working condition. Lowell factory worker said “In the strength of our untied influence we will soon show these driveling cotton lords, this mushroom aristocracy of New England, who so arrogantly aspire to lord it over God’s heritage, that our rights cannot be trampled upon with impunity” (Foner # 53). Women in the factory believe they were treated as same as slaves and it is not right. Under the sincerity of the Christian, both men and women are no different. Both sexes were God’s followers and worship him the same. While the factory owners were concerned for their souls to go to heaven, they care nothing for the bodies and intellects of those work for them which was called evil because they were going against the teaching of the Bible. The Bible teaches people to be a better person and under God’s eyes, each individual’s right couldn’t be…

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