Slavery In The United States Chapter 1 Analysis

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In this book, the author tells a tragic history of American black man by discussing its origin and reasons and what was going on at that time throughout the timeline. First of all, by investigating a whole lot of historical resources and interviewing some relevant people that involved in the process, the author introduces the conflict between the federal government and local governments especially like Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina which are so called Deep South. Second, the author tries to tell readers about the truth of the American civil war. Last but not least, the author pays close attention to how America dealing with this slave country. Overall, the author depicts a picture of American troubled past, telling the …show more content…
As is known, America was founded on a basis of freedom, in which everyone in America was seeking freedom for their life goals. The author starts out with a question being why this country was fallen into a situation where people maintain slavery while they as Americans’ revolutionary struggled for freedom. Many people have known that slaves trafficking had been ongoing for decades before they really focus on this issue. Because the federal government believe that the purpose of building this country is to make people equal, the existence of the slavery only split the American people which was going to hinder the development of the country. As one of the founding fathers in America at that time, Thomas Jefferson really played an important role in promoting this movement of prohibiting slaves’ importation and individual rights. A lot of slaves were trading throughout the Deep South, importing from foreign countries and exporting to other regions in America really had become a serious issue they need to address as quickly as

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