Essay on The Work Of Art And Mechanical Reproduction

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Walter Benjamin has in many ways throughout his work taken a Marxist fashion. Benjamin’s views of the transformation of art are that it has a significant effect of the change in economic structure. When briefly taking a look how technology has changed society, many would say that it had made our lives exceptionally easier. This being said, it has also come with a profound cost. Walter Benjamin in his essay “The Work of Art in Mechanical Reproduction” discusses photography’s impact on our cultural perceptions of art. He argues that photography lacks essential characteristics of more established forms of creative visual representation which is otherwise known as aura. With this there is a substantial shift for Benjamin between what is art in terms of cultural relations, one that possesses an aura, and in contract when mechanical reproduction takes a hold, it then loses its significance and permanence as to what we see as art, or authentic art. In the event of Walter Benjamin and emancipatory art, I agree with Benjamin that mass art has emancipatory potential, and due to this viewpoint I believe it is fundamental that we embrace mass art/culture that is made with technologies of mechanical reproduction.
In Marxist viewpoint, Benjamin is aware of the changes of art as it effects the changes in economic structure. Art is beginning to have a shift from contemplation to unequivocal distraction, which therefore creates an enormous change in the way people perceive and sense things.…

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