Essay on The Word Serendipity

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“Serendipity” is a word that is difficult to pinpoint an exact definition. Almost every single dictionary has a different definition of the word, but they all revolve around the same thought which is an accidental happening. The word Serendipity is an important word to acknowledge because it is versatile enough to use in different situations whether that be to describe a feeling, used to convey a thought in writing, or to describe a scientific discovery. “Serendipity” was introduced into the world in 1754 and was derived from a fairytale (Colman). Currently, the word is still prominent throughout writing and science. In this essay, I explore the complex meaning of the word Serendipity through the word’s etymology, connotative, and denotative meanings as well as its importance of meaning a word that describes a phenomenon that people experience in their lives. The word Serendipity has been around for several centuries. The first known use of the word was on January 28th, 1754 (Boyle). Horace Walpole was the mastermind behind the word. Walpole wrote a letter to a friend in which he first introduced the word Serendipity (Boyle). Walpole got the idea of the word from a fairytale called The Three Princes of Serendip (Oxford English Dictionary). The Three Princes of Serendip is written by Cristoforo Armeno. The story was originally published in 1557. The main plot line of the story is where the three princes always run into accidental luck when they were not looking…

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