The Women 's West By Susan Armitage Essay

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All Western historians and Women Historians should consider picking up a copy of the twenty-one essays collected and organized in the The Women’s West by Susan Armitage, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Jameson. Originally collected from the Women’s West Conference in 1983, it represents a cohesive and diverse perspective on the roles of women living in the Trans Mississippian West. In their book, Armitage and Jameson endeavor to recount the role of women through arguments attempting to rectify the historical record by dissecting the myth of the passive Western woman and paving the way for new methodology in exploring the relevant events and dynamics.
It follows a simple outline which first explores the omissions and biases in prior research; it transitions smoothly into analysis of the societal effects of gender roles including the reactions to their assigned roles; and the last topic untangles the challenges of the field in light of new methodologies. Articles are banded together based on thematic elements - with an editorial tie-in preceding each article. The articles for the groups contains mostly historians, but adds writings in from literary tradition studies and anthropology. It forms an interesting precedent for the future of the field as others enter into the folds of Women’s History of the American West. The interwoven purpose provide a guide in identifying and rectifying misrepresentations within the record. It upholds the assertion that women’s roles were complex and…

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