Essay on The Women 's Right Movement

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Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything, better than you!” shouts Annie. In American societies, since the nineteenth-century, society has created a vivid image of gender-specific roles that defines feminine and masculine. In fact, even cultures and traditions can have an influence on certain beliefs that shape gender roles. Historically, the women’s right movement secured equality through judicial laws; however, society still have gaps that never close between gender equality. Equality has been long fought especially by feminists, but it is still questionable to how equality has truly achieved in society.
Most men have a set description of the role women should portray in society. Our country never had a female president, but there are possibilities of having one in the near future. Maria Puente argues how some individuals question the role of the first lady of the United States who is Michelle Obama. For example, most “Americans don’t exactly know what they want from a first lady,” (Puente). With that being said, the typical “job [for a women] was to sit quietly on the podium next to her husband and make sure her hat was straight” (Puente). Similarly, women are still expected to follow the traditional roles that have been passed on to generations to generations. Some of the traditional roles are “to have children, to do housework, [or] to create hearth and home” (Epstein). Today society tends to improve upon a different meaning of marriages. In the past,…

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