The Women 's Organization Will Define The Pan Asian Political Activism, Protectionism, And Socio Economic Factors

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This analysis of the UN Women’s Organization will define the pan-Asian political activism, protectionism, and socio-economic factors of victimized and exploited Asian women as the “other” in the context of constructing female identity in a patriarchal Asian society. UN Women defines the premise of building an international coalition of women to galvanize and inspire women to find greater socio-economic and political resources to raise their wages and standard of living in Asia. These “other” Asian women are the alienated members of the lower classes that are being assisted through the activist programs provided by UN Women. The socio-economic actions of UN Women utilize the “Beijing Platform for Action” as a method to encourage political activism, education, and work training for women in the Asian labor markets. Also, the “Resolution on Women’s Political Participation” in 2011 addresses the United Nations political platform to support Asian women in the lower classes and to inspire leadership in the community. In terms, of protecting women from male violence, the “Voices against Violence” offers a program offers training for Asian women to speak out against domestic violence and educate young women of the working poor. In this manner, the “construction” of Asian women as the “other” is defined through political and organizational; actions on the part of UN Women to bring greater internationalism, protectionism, and socio-economic equality and opportunity…

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