The Women 's Odyssey, By Robert Fagles, Deceive The Men Essay

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The women in Homer’s Odyssey, translated by Robert Fagles, deceive the men, in order to do what is right. Penelope and Athena contrast each other by displaying different portrayals of femininity. Penelope’s portrayal of femininity is old and outdated; a femininity in which a woman is loyal and submissive to a masculine figure. She is the perfect wife who is pushed to do everything her husband tells her. Penelope wants to live her life with her love and without any other purpose. Athena on the other hand, portrays a much more modern form of feminism. She is much more assertive of herself and does what she wants not what she is forced to do by a male figure. She wants to make things right again. She does so by helping Odysseus on his journey. Penelope and Athena’s portrayals are reflected in the modern day interpretations of femininity and masculinity.
Penelope is portrayed as loyal and submissiveness wife. Throughout the time Odysseus had been gone, Penelope had been plagued with the suitors. For example, Antinous and Eurymachus, the two most arrogant suitors, had plagued her the most. Their sole goal was to marry Penelope and take over Ithaca. They would constantly try to talk her into remarriage. Ever since Odysseus has left and other soldiers had come back, she has mourned over the loss of her husband. But at the same time, she knew it was necessary to do something about the suitors. Penelope makes an elaborate rouse that the suitors believe for several years. “Three whole…

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