The Women 's Liberation Movement Essay

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The Women’s Liberation Movement, beginning in the 1960s and lasting until the 70s, was a social struggle that aimed to enforce gender equality and remove sexual discrimination towards women. In the past, women were only thought to be useful for raising a family and fulfilling the duties of a housewife, while also staying obedient to their entitled husbands. This feminist movement was mostly about establishing equality in the workplace, such as equal job opportunities and fair paychecks for both genders, but also dealt with making the voice of women stronger. With the work done by the National Organization for Women (NOW), unequal pay became prohibited and oral contraceptives were introduced, changing the world’s perception of women. The term “housewife” is defined as a married woman whose main duty is to care for her family and manage the responsibilities of the house. This term was shaped by magazines and other forms of media, and by the 1960s, was what defined the expected role of women. Before the Women’s Liberation Movement had occurred, women had very little variety and options in the everyday aspects of their lives. They were expected to follow one direction: marry at an early age, raise a family, and devote their lives to homemaking and their husband’s demands. During this time, many women felt bored with life and dissatisfied that there wasn’t more offered to them, one stating “the female doesn’t really expect a lot from life. She’s here as someone’s keeper- her…

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