Essay on The Women 's Liberation Movement

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Long before all the laws that got women to be able to do things like get the right to vote, have high paying jobs or even be able to wear clothing that were above their knees, they had to go through many hardships. Beginning in the late 50’s though, the women began to get irritated with the way society was treating them and the inability for them to get a job and be equal with the men (“Women 's Liberation Movement” 2008 December)). Between the years of 1963 and 1970, there was a movement that some women might say was just as important as the suffrage movement. This was called the women’s liberation movement. This movement is still in some ways still going on, and has been for the past 100 years. (“Women 's Liberation Movement” 2008 December)). The fight that has been going on between women and being equal has always been fought many times and won 't stop until the battle to be equal is over.


Before the 1920’s, women had one one role. That role was to be the caregiver of the home which required them to do all the cooking, cleaning and raising the children. They did this while the men would go off to work and support the family. The women at this point would not be hired for many types of jobs just because they were women. Then when they started to pursue to get the right to vote, some women would go through hunger strikes and go against the law in some situations, to get the word out and people to recognize that they wanted equality between…

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