The Woman Warrior By Maxine Hong Kingston, Kingston 's Mother Brave Orchid

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In the book Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, Kingston 's mother Brave Orchid tells many stories about her past that she believes have lessons behind them, lessons that Kingston should learn from and can help shape her. Her mother wants Kingston to follow the role of a Chinese woman. Brave Orchid believes Kingston should learn something from the stories and in some cases not do what was done. While telling these stories she tells Kingston what she should know about them to shape her into the role of a Chinese woman. Kingston does not want to follow the role of a chinese woman. She finds the traditional role to be strict. The Chinese believe women should stay home and take care of the family while men go out and do the hard work. Kingston feels other Chinese woman can go out and do anything they want. They can be more than just a housewife. Kingston 's mother Brave Orchid tells her the story called No Name Woman. The story is about Kingston 's aunt, her father 's sister. Kingston 's father did not consider her aunt as his sister. In the article Liping Zhang quotes “She was to inferior to have a place in the family history. She was to shameful to be mentioned”(Mothers control vs. Daughters freedom: Voices from Kingston 's The Woman Warrior, 1671). Kingston 's father never talked about her or mention her, it was as if she didn 't ever exist. Her aunt was married but her husband had sailed to America. Kingston 's mother started to think the aunt was pregnant but couldn 't…

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