The Wolf And The Seven Young Kids Analysis

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In the story The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, the two main offenders are the goat mother and the wolf. The story is about a goat mother who leaves her seven young kids at home, despite there being a wolf on the loose who is dangerous, the mother leaves her kids home alone (Child Abandonment, 218). But, sure enough, the wolf finds a way to get into the house. The wolf tricked the kids by putting dough and flour on his hands (Threatening the miller, 264) Once the wolf got into the house, he ate the children as expected (First Degree Murder, 231). However, one kid was hiding while their siblings were getting eaten so when the mother came home, they knew where to go to hopefully rescue the kids. Unfortunately, the freeing of her children involved killing the wolf by filling his stomach with rocks to drown him in water (Torture, 269).
The goat mother intentionally left her seven children alone at their house, even though they were all young and the environment was unsafe. Since the mother left the house, that was the actus reus. The goat mother warned the kids about the wolf, saying that they would not be able to defend themselves if he entered their home “Be on your guard for the wolf. If he gets in, he will eat up all of
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For torture, she would not receive a sentence "exceeding fourteen years". Because there were witnesses and victims to both the torture and endangerment, it would not be difficult to convict the mother of the crimes she committed. However, the witnesses of the torture were her children who were rescued after she abandoned them and put them at risk of being eaten. The children’s opinion on the mother could certainly be biased on how long their mother should go to jail for depending on if they were the ones who were eaten, or the one who rescued them. Nonetheless, the mother could get at least 19 years in

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