The Wizard Of Oz, By Victor Fleming And George Cukor Essay

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A new religious movement may also be known as a cult, and thanks to our modern society; people have begun to connect cults with bad representations and images. Some people believe that cults are a form of practice that brainwash people into doing something that will harm them, this is due to the negative depiction of cults in which we see in today’s film society. Instead cults are meant to represent new forms of existing religions, new contexts of existing religions, or new creations of religion, thereby creating the following definition of a cult; a group of people that come together around a religious ideology that is usually new and small. Representations of new religious movements and/or cults are very prevalent in many of the films that have been created throughout history. The representation of a New Religious Movement can be seen throughout the movie “The Wizard of Oz” (Dir. Victor Fleming and George Cukor, 1939). This can be displayed through numerous aspects, such as the mystic symbolism in the film, the ideologies of the witches, and the setting of the plot. Many of the films that we see on a daily basis have characteristics that symbolise and represent other things, this is a tool in which is used by many directors and filmmakers because it allows for broader analysis, and more interpretations of the film amongst the audiences. Mystic Symbolism can be displayed in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” through numerous aspects, therefore making the movie a very interesting…

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