Essay on The Wire Scene Analysis By David Simon

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The Wire Scene Analysis
The Wire is a crime drama television series set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland, created and written by author and former police reporter David Simon. The Series is centered on the Baltimore Police department and the Barksdale crew, a drug organization. The show has an overriding metaphor at play, something many characters refer to as the game. The scene that signifies this metaphor and has multiple comparisons to is the chess scene in episode 3, The Buys. In this scene a higher ranked drug dealer and the head of the organizations’ nephew, D’Angelo teaches two young drug dealers how to play chess and the game.
In this scene many metaphors show how D’Angelo understands the rigged, underlying and exposed nature of “the game” and is not your typical drug dealer. D`Angelo shows compassion and sympathy throughout the season. When he wrote a letter to the family whose father was murdered because he was a witness to the murder executed by D`Angelo. Although he is different, he understands what he must do in order to survive and ultimately play the game. There is a hierarchal social class aspect that steps out in this scene as well. D’Angelo is well dressed with designer clothing, lives in a nice apartment, not in the pit and is elevated from the other dealers. Bodie and Wallace both live in a grungy apartments with many siblings and both wear old, worn clothing. The separation between the young dealers and D`Angelo shows the political and economic…

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