Essay about The Wife Of Bath, By Geoffrey Chaucer

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The Wife of Bath’s is described in a very clear manner in a particular way to provoke a stunning response from Chaucer’s audience. Chaucer starts off about her garments, physical appearance and the many references to her past are by far the key to getting the reader’s attention and is why it is mentioned by Chaucer in hopes to engage the reader, His description of her facial and body are his many different ways of showing his sexual suggestion of who she is, he also adds her physical looks by describing her garments, legs, feet and hips and also her gap tooth, according to The Wife this symbolizes sexual desire and lust, however she does not fit the principles of obligatory Christian by the many authorities concerning feminine behavior. Women are either classified as saints or sinners by their actions in line with Christian tradition there have been two women who come to mind that were either told to be the evildoer or the saint. Eve was considered the sinner and was the cause of all wrong towards men, whereas The Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ, symbolized holy and the one who never did wrong and was pure. The Wife of Bath’s may be a willfully daring woman of her time as she shows off her clothing with evident pride, sporting the many pounds of fabric, which was made by her and always underneath her hat. Her covering symbolizes to the reader that she isn’t timid and doesn’t care what others think of her. Chaucer discusses however she may be a proficient weaver in the…

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