Essay about The White Man 's World

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Once an individual is born, a story begins. Each living day becomes a page. The turns in life become the plot. Each phase of life becomes a chapter. Until finally, the book is completed. Stories are in the surroundings, from living stories to entertaining stories to didactic stories. Most are raised listening to stories which teach about the outside world’s expectations. The stories inform humans from an early age of the rules of this world and teach one to survive in this world: the white man’s world. Such stories are called the master narrative. Michelle Espino, Ph.D. at University of Arizona, defines the master narrative as “stories woven by the dominant culture into the fabric of social structures as a means of garnering and maintaining power, while justifying the subjugation of marginalized communities.” Stories have been created to protect and justify the domination of the white man while the non-whites and non-male continue to be disenfranchised. Women are one of the groups facing the discrimination. The patriarchal society 's master narrative has written gender roles for men and women, leading to the suppression of women, made clear by the workplace discrimination. In order to bring justice and equality, gender roles must be erased from the society to allow women to be freed from the expectations outlined in the master narrative. The list of expectations take the form of gender roles that bind women to a certain code of behavior. The master narrative is…

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