Essay about The White House By Dolley Madison

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Have you ever wondered how the presidents do it all? Well they have a little bit of assistance, their wives. The first ladies do alot to help their husbands out. Whether it be making a simple decision, or saving one of the most valuable paintings in the White House.
Dolley Madison
Dolley Payne was born on May 20, 1768 in New Garden, North Carolina. Dolley was born to two Quaker parents, who moved to New Garden in 1765 from Virginia. Dolley 's father, John Payne, married into the Quaker community by marrying Mary Coles. Dolley and her parents soon returned to Virginia to raise Dolley with her four brothers and three sisters on their plantations located in Eastern Virginia. John Payne had owned slaves, but after becoming a Quaker, he realized that owning slaves was not a Quaker practice. So in 1783, John released his slaves, then he packed up his family and moved to Philadelphia where he became a starch merchant. After they moved, Dolley met a man named John Todd. John Todd was a Quaker lawyer. The two became married in 1970, they eventually had two sons, John Payne, who went by Payne, and William Temple. Not too long after the two became married, Dolley 's father, John Payne, passed away in 1792. After her husband passed away, Mary tried to support herself by operating a boarding house. That didn 't work out too well, so Mary moved in with her daughter, Lucy, who married one of George Washington 's nephew and moved to Virginia. When Dolley 's mother left, Dolley 's…

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