The White Collar Crimes Known As Identity Fraud Essay

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Identity Fraud
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate and explain one of the various White-Collar crimes known as identity fraud. Another purpose of this paper is to inform about identity fraud and how many people are affected by it and also to notify the reader on how to prevent identity fraud. Identity fraud can be defined as a crime where an individual stole someone else’s personal information like a credit card and also use it to buy merchandises charging that specific credit card. Basically, identity fraud is a deceptive maneuver where someone else’s account is hijacked and used for personal needs. It is important for the reader to understand the scope of a White-Collar crime like identity fraud because fraud is an everyday type of crime in the United States where thousands or even millions of people have or are being affected.
In the world we live in today, everything revolves around technology and what it has to offer use in the daily lives of people. Technology is a remarkable and an astonishing piece of engineering, but it also has its many disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages technology obtains is how almost all forms of currency are now being transferred electronically. This sort of change decrees new methods on how to steal money simpler and quicker without the perpetrator to even be near the victim. Approximately, there are 15 million Americans victimized by identity fraud each year and the cost of those victimizations escalate to $50 billion…

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