The White Collar Crimes As A Crime Committed By A Person Of A High Social Status

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Edwin Sutherland first termed white collar crimes as "a crime committed by a person of a high social status". Although many years have passed, the term would still retain its meaning but would eventually be defined: as a non-violent crime committed by businessmen or public officials for financial gain. It 's difficult to prosecute most white collar crimes since those who practice it know how to cover up their tracks. Here we discuss white collar crimes participated by certain individuals from New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
Jason Williams is a former New York criminal defense attorney was sentenced to sixteen years in a conspiracy involving getting money from clients for bribes that were not handed out (Graham, 2015). The prosecutor Attorney James Adams said that the accused was convicted of three counts; money laundering, conspiracy and failure to file his tax returns. The victims, in this case, are his clients, where one of his clients recently paid him $120,000 to see her son released from jail. It is reported that she got ripped off since the attorney didn 't bother to try to lift a finger to help take the matter to court to reduce the son 's sentence. The client, however, brought forward the matter in court, where the prosecutor found out that he had also embezzled funds from his previous clients. Evidence was piled up and he eventually he confessed to stealing $1 million from his clients throughout his career. A forensic report of his bank accounts revealed…

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