Essay on The Whig Party And The Democratic Party

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The Whig Party, which was formed in the early 1830’s, banded together a group of individuals who all opposed what was being called the domination of “King Andrew” Jackson. The name Whig was derived from the British party which was opposed to royal prerogatives. Jackson, who was victorious in 1828 and 1832, completely shattered the National Republican Party. Jackson’s actions with the Bank of America, the Native Americans, the Supreme Court, and his distasteful use of power as president regarding war, infuriated his political opponents. According to The Gale Group, “The Whig Party included former National Republicans, conservative factions of the democratic-republican party, and some former members of the Anti-Masonic Party.” ( Others who united with the Whig Party included those in favor of rights for states and supporters of the American System. They were brought together in the beginning because of their complete dislike for Jackson’s policies and the Democratic Party. Their cohesiveness later became more about wanting to gain position in office, although the Whigs weren’t ever able to develop a complete party program. The Whig Party were big supporters of the authority of Congress over the president, and they wanted modernization and economic protection.
In the 1836 election, the Whig Party had nominated four candidates for the presidency. The four unsuccessful candidates were, William Henry Harrison of Ohio, Daniel Webster from…

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