The Whales Should Not Be Taken Out Of Their Natural Habitat Essay

1406 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
Shamu, one of the most famous killer whales known to mankind. This whale has become well known throughout the several years that Sea World has been around. As time progresses, there has been various studies that have justified whether or not Sea World promotes a good atmosphere for these massive killer whales and whether or not these whales should be taken out of their natural habitat in order for multiple peoples’ entertainment and pleasure. Whoever was considering taking these animals out their homes must have been thinking only about human’s entertainment and not these species wellbeing. Killer whales should not be taken out of their natural environments and put into Sea World because Sea World forced these whales into their environment by kidnapping them and molding them to act a certain way, the killer whales are put in danger health wise, and the whales don’t get the benefits that they do in Sea World compared to their natural habitat. Although Sea World has been known for their wonderful killer whale considering they have had the whales for quite some time now, which results in people not realizing how the whales initially got to their small tanks in the first place. Killer whales were not just picked up out of the water and placed into their tank and happened to survive. Killer whales had to endure a lot of different struggles to survive and adapt to their environment that Sea World provided for them. When Sea World first got their first killer whale they struggled…

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