A Hangman's Daughter Book Report

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Do you Believe in Werewolves? Well, the people of 1600s Bamberg, Germany did. The Werewolf of Bamberg: A Hangman’s Daughter Tale is the fifth of the six, soon to be seven, books of the novel series A Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch. Potzsch gets his inspiration for the series from the history of his ancestors on his mother’s side. He uses one of his family’s four generations of executioners, Jakob Kuisls, and his family as the main characters. Each book follows parts of Magdalena Kuisls’, Jakob’s oldest daughter, life (Oliver Potzsch.com). This story takes place in Bamberg, Germany during the 1600s. Jakob, his brother Bartholomaus, and the rest of the Kuisls family team up to find and kill the werewolf that is killing people and placing their severed body parts around the city. The Kuisls family’s process and decisions in the endangered city of Bamberg during the late 1600s, contributes to the central conflict of the story and how they capture the murderous werewolf.
The Kuisls family, already concerned about their safety and the current state of Bamberg, witnessed strange and dangerous things while waiting and entering the city’s gates. Jakob wanted to find out why the line
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Since this book is a part of a series, the ending ends with incite to the next journey Magdalena ventures on. The book following The Werewolf of Bamberg, is The Play of Death. I know that the books follow the lives of Magdalena and her family, so I can predict that the next book has something to do with them. The Play of Death, may take place in another town in Germany, expanding more on Magdalena and Simon’s sons Characters. The plot, or central conflict of the book, may have something to do with an important play and the tragic, or dramatic death of an actor with an important role. You should read with me to find out if I’m

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