The, We Real Cool : An Exploration Of The Overall Misrepresentation Of Colored Men

1593 Words Oct 12th, 2016 7 Pages
“Perhaps what complaining black males want the world to hear is that envy and desire are not aspects of love.” - Bell Hooks, “We Real Cool” For centuries black men have been objectified and dehumanized by the patriarchal world around them. Whether it be on television, in porn, or in published print, men of color are constantly challenged of their masculinity, sexuality, and acceptability by the privileged class. By using examples from the critically acclaimed drama Nymphomaniac; Volume Two by Lars von Trier in addition to literary contextual supporting evidence, this paper acts as an exploration of the overall misrepresentation of colored men as sexual beings in media. This misrepresentation can be specifically seen via the lack of representation of colored men as a whole, dehumanizing qualities given to each character, and their assumed sexuality. Prior to discussing the specificities, it is important to clarify the media being critiqued at large. The story of Nymphomaniac; Volume Two centers around Joe; a sex driven women who tells her tales of sodomy and pleasure to an old, welcoming gentleman. Being the sequel of the series, Joe begins her storytelling as loving wife and mother who soon looses all feeling of pleasure during sex. With her significant other feeling frustrated, Joe begins to outsource for sex partners who could return the pleasure to her sex life in a nontraditional, exciting way. Her first outsourcing project, and the main scene used for discussion,…

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