The Way Of Thinking And Determination For The Vietnam War Essay

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America is one of the most powerful and determined countries in the world. Throughout several wars and acts of destiny to expand or better America, Americans have created a specific way of thinking and understanding that they are superior. This way of thinking of superiority or sense of privilege is analyzed by Bartiz in a passage in “Backfire: A History of How American Cultured Us Unto Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did” which discusses the way of thinking and determination for the Vietnam War. This thinking is similar to Twain’s novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court on the American way of life, passages on Manifest Destiny discussing the right to more land, passages on Native Americans and their removal and civilization, and passages on Philippines on taking the land and civilizing their people. In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, an American man is transported to Lancelot. Throughout the book the main character is described as the way Bartiz discusses American thinking, as a title of ownership or dominance. Displaying how Americans believed that their way of living is truly the only correct way, which is accurately described during the Vietnam War and in Twain’s novel. For example, Bartiz discusses how American soldiers believed that the Vietnamese were barbaric and simply unintelligent, however which was measured by the American views of civilization and intelligence (p. 32). In Twain’s novel Hank Morgan thought of the people in Lancelot…

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