The War On Defense Spending Essay

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The War on Defense Spending

Our nation has not always been the global power that we are now. Most of our power and influence can be credited to our large military. It is critical for the U.S to have a large military power, but too much is being spent on defense.
Before the second Word War, the U.S was a minor power in the word. We had very little influence over the world; this was evident at the end of the First World War. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson brought his “14 Points” to the Paris Peace Conference, his points were designed to make the world a safer place and prevent another World War from happening. However, Wilson and his points were overlooked, the other countries did not recognize the U.S as a power that needed to be listened to (Holland). Near the start of World War II, 1939, the U.S had a total of 334,473 military personnel and by 1945 had increased its military by 11,874,765 personnel (BY THE NUMBERS). The U.S also developed and gained the most advanced and powerful weapons of the time. The U.S demonstrated how total our military had become on August 6, 1945 when Hiroshima was bombed. By the end of the war there was no doubt that the U.S had one of the most powerful and weaponized militaries in the world. Since the 1940s we have continued to increase our military, 2.7 million military personnel (What They Do), and spending an estimated $700 billion (Plumer). Our nation 's military has become critical to our nation 's economy and safety. We can protect our…

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