The War Of The Worlds Essay

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Throughout history, humanity has struggled with conflict and war. The true enemy being greed, corruption and the disregard of life. In The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, this enemy resurfaces in the form of Martians, not humans, who launch a war of extermination and enslavement. This is the most barbaric type of war and is waged by a far technologically superior race. Intelligent Martians do not exist but extraterrestrial intelligence from other stars might. Just as humans do not act like cavemen, these beings surely would not hold the same tendencies and history as a species that is still limited to its own planet and can barely traverse its own star system. If humanity is to last for hundreds or thousands of more years, then they must band together and remove the most threatening part of their culture: violence. The fear that intelligent life, outside Earth, would be colonial, destructive, predatory invaders, as exhibited in The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, is based off of human behavior and history and is thus unjustified. Human fear has evolved around dangers of the past such as predators but also negative human qualities like greed, aggression and the disregard of life. This fear of human qualities are assigned to the concept of extraterrestrials since humans are the only example of intelligent life thus far. Ӧhman demonstrates that “Fear… has been primarily shaped in evolutionary arms races between predators and prey… the function of fear is to motivate…

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