Essay on The War Of The United States

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In the history of America there were two world wars which were conducted, both of which the United States had not entered until fairly after the beginning of each war trying to keep peace and stay out of war. During the First World War, President Wilson had kept the United States out of the war believing the war is savagery and that the U.S. is above such actions and remains a neutral force. It wasn’t until a dramatic turn of events unfolded causing action by the Americans. Such actions were related to The Zimmerman telegram and an American trade ship that a German U-boat had sunk causing 128 American deaths. In The World War Two era, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president of the United States. During his term he indeed believed action against Adolf Hitler was necessary but a country divided on pro and con war prevented further action. It wasn’t until December 7th, 1941 that the attack on Pearl Harbor had united the country and the very next day the United States had declared war. Both wars included the U.S. and both wars the U.S. entered late into the war and both wars took a dramatic occurrence for the country to actually declare war and get involved. In the First World War the United States had felt above the actions of war and had no need to enter the war. The United States did not cease trade with both sides overseas remaining neutral, although they had little business with Germany and a great deal with Britain. Britain had tried to blockade the trade routes but had…

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