Essay on The War Of The Proclamation Line

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Colonial resistance to the "proclamation line" had been one of unifying factors that had committed many English colonists to revolution and helped spread an emerging nationalism. The exciting textbook American Nation, states that, "American independence and control of a wide and rich domain were the most obvious results of the Revolution." The revolution provided access to vast western lands and for many years western expansion would serve as an element that bound the various sections together. Yet as the decades rolled on and the United States added even more land in its march to the Pacific, expansionism led to sectionalism which resulted in the Union being torn apart.

It was an ice cold morning in late February and the wind was howling. In the distance just beyond a set of trees was the faint sound of someone speaking over a pa system, and from behind there is a man yelling questions in a foreign language. Days of no sleep and nothing to eat, only compounded the feelings of helplessness and depression. The camp was surrounded by barbed wire and snow, with other soldiers standing in formation with the look of desperation on their faces. After a period of time a man ordered us to turn around and there was the American flag. This was my moment when I felt the most pride or “nationalism” in my country almost to the point of tears. Nationalism is defined as an affinity for a particular nation in particular, a sense of national conscious and loyalty that promotes…

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