The War Of The Middle Eastern Countries Essay

1847 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
Imagine going to bed every night not knowing if you are going to wake up in the morning, because a bomb may be dropped on the house that you are living in. Your family is unable to find food or water because there is nothing left of the town where you reside or you are forced to do things you do not believe are right just because the people who control your town are threatening to kill your loved ones if you do not. These scenarios are all too real for people who are living out in the Middle Eastern countries. There towns are ravished by war, poverty, and groups desperately trying to control one another. This is has led to many people moving to try to escape their war riddled countries and where else would they try to go other than the land of the free; a country whose foundation was built on the freedom of religion and speech. This appetizing thought has led many of its worried fellow citizens to ask questions of, how many are coming over, where are they coming from, and what do they have to do get here? To understand all of those questions, first you have to understand the type of situation that these people are facing and the type of conditions these people are living in. Refugees have been seeking a safe haven in America for many years. It hasn’t been until recently that something has changed. What was once thousands have now become millions as nation after nation have fallen to anarchy and chaos. This is all due to the ever increasing violence that is spreading across…

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