Essay about The War Of The American South

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A hundred and fifty six years ago, our nation was engaged in a Civil War. This war embodied a conflict that had enveloped the country since its discovery; the issue of slavery. Since the establishment of the first ever American colony Jamestown, the nation’s elite have imported Africans to America as their slaves. As the years went by, the frequency at which they were brought and the cruelty with which they were treated only increased. The slave trade brought wealth to thousands, but in turn brought suffering to millions. The industry’s high profitability and tremendous production rate proved to be vital to the economy of the American South. Despite this, many in the North were aware of dehumanization that was occurring, and the mass suffering millions of innocent Americans were enduring. This conflict had reached a boiling point, and it was for these reasons that the once united states had become so divided.
Leaving 620,000 Americans dead, the Civil War turned out to be the bloodiest war in American history. Of course, with this many soldiers dying, there was a constant need for more men.
African American men both enslaved and free were ready, willing, and able to fight. However, this wasn’t initially possible. At the beginning of the war, African Americans were still enslaved by the millions. Although emancipation was just around the corner, the idea of black men fighting in the military was still quite far out. As soon as Fort Sumter was hit, there was a rush of free…

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