Essay on The War Of Jews During The Holocaust

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This documentary depicts the story of this Polish-Catholic woman who saved so many during the Holocaust and pretended to be a Nazi sympathizer. The mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi rule from 1941-45 will not only haunt jews but haunt the world forever. There are many people who hated the jews in this time period and would nothing to and then there were some that risked it all to protect and save so many. Unselfish, relentless and brave these people became the champion of so many in order to keep them sheltered and safe from persecution. Jobs, homes, lives destroyed at the hand of one mad man who deemed himself superior to all. As we hear the many voices within this novel, this important story that is being told by so many, we teach about one woman, Franciska and her daughter Helena whose kindness, bravery, and caring shined through this tumultuous time. This book tells the story of five people that are telling you their individual stories, their hardships, and joys throughout the war. We begin with Helena, Franciszka 's daughter. The story opens with Helena telling about her family consisting of a father, brother, a mother that was perfect in her eyes and a brother who meant more than just the world to her. Her father was a Nazi sympathizer who would argue his viewpoints much to the horror of her mother. Hitler deemed himself superior and the sad part is so many believed his doctrines and were brainwashed by his actions and words. Blaming the Jewish people for…

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