Essay about The War Of Great Britain

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The 13 colonies, that would eventually become the United States, had long been under the rule of Great Britain. For many years the colonists and leaders of Great Britain had a formidable relationship with one another. However as time went on the colonists realized the wrongdoings of the parliament and demanded change. The American Revolution didn’t just happen out of thin air, there were events for years that caused the uprising of the colonists that resulted in the war. If we take a closer look at this time period before the war that eventually results in our freedom from British rule we can see these wrongdoings and how those might have impacted society in the many years after the war. In this essay we will take a look at the cause of the war, how those causes affected society and people years after, and how these events led to the civil war. The American Revolution wasn’t just an eight year war, it was much bigger in context than that. Society of the early 19th century wouldn’t be what it was without the Revolution. If one was to ask a random stranger on a sidewalk about the American Revolution they probably would give you the answer about the war itself. In reality, we know that the war was started long before the first gunshots of the Revolutionary War rang out. Actually the revolution started with the last shots of the French and Indian War in 1763. This was a very costly war to Great Britain in many ways. The most devastating cost was the monetary loss that was…

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