The War Had Over Septimus Is Indisputable And Shows Its Continuity

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The control the war had over Septimus is indisputable and shows its continuity. Septimus committing suicide was one of the most compelling and “in your face” signs that the war truly never ended, nor will it truly ever end for those who were in combat. One of the signs a war is still going on is that people are dying as a result from it, and here Septimus died directly as a result of the war. He died because he could no longer bear to live with the memories of the war, the psychological pain of the war, the person the war had turned him into. For him, death was finally his freedom from the current war he faced, which was he war in his mind. As long as people are dying, as long as people are suffering, as long as people are still remembering, a war is still in motion. For example, when a young person is relentlessly bullied by their peers and then end up taking their live, many people want to blame it on depression or some other underlying cause. But many times the psychological issues that led to suicide stemmed from the bullying itself, thus the act of suicide was a direct cause of bullying. The bullying killed the teen, just like the war directly killed Septimus. The war left Septimus unable to communicate with others, such as his wife for example, and thus suicide became his only way of communication, as it often does for those who are in immense pain. It can be argued that suicide was the end of the war in Septimus’s mind, that he was finally free, a kind of freedom and…

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