The War For Independence : The American Revolution Essay example

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The war for independence in America, known as the American Revolution marked the end of the British rule over the colonies in America. After the British victory in the seven years’ war in America which ended in 1763, British government gained massive power over America, having massive land space and high population of migrants from Britain and American colonists. Not for long, the American colonists began to get frustrated of being ruled by the British government who had been imposing taxes upon the American colonies through goods, ’the imposing of these taxes on goods was called were of different acts by the British, the sugar act, stamp act and Townshend Act’, Americans saw the taxations as an abuse of power by the British government making them call against the importing of goods from Britain into America.
“The British trying to be smart and tricky, passed the Tea Act in 1773 and claimed the law was an effort to bail out the bankrupt India Company by granting that corporation a monopoly on the tea trade to Americans.” They promised to make tea cheaper because American colonist weren’t great lovers of tea but immediately, the Americans sensed that the British were trying to trick them into accepting its authority to taxing the colonies. The British imported almost 400 chests of tea worth about ten million dollars into Boston and on the night of Arrival of the tea cargo, emerged a group of men who called themselves the sons of freedom, disguised themselves as Indians,…

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