The War Based On Social Change And Population Crisis Essay

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Even though it was being done for the good of France, this sexuality was still seen as "dangerous" and "sinful," simply because it fell outside of what was considered proper sexuality. This once again enforced the ideas of sexual hierarchy that was based on sexual negativity. These conundrums of what to do with women after the war based on social change and population crisis were, in fact, baseless.
This is because, contrary to popular discourse of the day, the postwar birthrate was considered to be a "healthy" one (123). There was even an "increase over not only wartime decline, but also prewar figure[s]" (123). This postwar birthrate was "the highest in the two decade period surrounding it" and when birthrates did fall, the reasons were "complex and not reducible to women 's assume desire (or lack there of it) to have children" (123). Therefore, the crisis of gender and sexuality and the French society had created as a result of the changing role of women was simply based on fear of what the society would become.
The fear extended not only to World War I in France and its aftermath and how it was going to deal with women, but also to American society during and after World War Two and how it was going to deal with its burgeoning homosexual culture. Much like in World War One France, World Two in American caused society to be “sex-segregated” so that the men lived with the men and the women with the women (D’Emilio 26). While this allowed for a reversal of gender roles, it…

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