The War Against Obesity : Obesity Essay

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The War Against Obesity What can stop the creation of a first generation to die young of obesity related diseases? Obesity did not happen overnight it is a problem that has been growing slowly over the past decades. The cause of obesity has been supported by the foods that are being produced unnaturally and eaten by many daily. The production has led many people to have abnormal or excessive fat accumulation. Due to the lack of attention to what foods are being produced it has led to obesity bringing severe long-term or short term health complications. Overall, it has led America to become the number one obese country in the world and whose poor are bigger in size than the rich. It has also lead health care to fall apart because of obesity related diseases. Obesity is not a problem that is going to go away by itself, there needs to be changes made in our society. The cause for the rise of obesity in people are due to the increase amount and type of foods being consumed over the past few decades. As stated in Jane E. Brady’s article, Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause, who used Dr. Swinburn words who said, “The 1970s saw a striking rise in the quantity of refined carbohydrates and fats in the US food supply and energy intake rose because of environmental push factors increasingly available, cheap, tasty, highly promoted obesogenic foods” (13). It was more affected around this time because more women entered the workforce and women were spending…

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