The Wallace Group, And Development Of Electronic Products And Systems

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The Wallace Group is a diversified company runs by the President, Harold Wallace, which excels at production and development of electronic products and systems. Further, the company operates in a vertical integration and consists of 3 different operational departments which are Electronics, Plastics and Chemicals. Each department is ran by its own department Vice President and Mr. Wallace keeps the sole control over these 3 departments.
Key issues
Currently, The Wallace Group is facing a series of important internal problems. More importantly, the President of The Wallace Group runs the organization with poor leadership skills and shows a lack of response toward internal issues such as absence of management development programs, recruitment backlog and incomplete salary structure within the company. Above all, these concerns and complains have been ignored for a period of time which cause the morale of the company to be relatively poor.
In terms of corporate governance, Mr. Wallace fails to provide a strategic vision for the company which increases the difficulty for employees to share a same vision with the company and achieve toward a definite goal. Moreover, the current organizational structure for The Wallace Group lacks transparency which creates management problems and inefficient operations. Besides, this issue leads to absence of communication and coordination between departments.
Regarding recommendation, Mr. Wallace is suggested to create a…

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