The Visit Of The City Of Europe Essay

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The reception being held that evening was in honor of former president Martin Van Buren and his sons before they embarked on a journey to visit the capital cities of Europe. He would be the first ex-president to travel outside of the country and his plans included an ambitious travel itinerary including an audience with Queen Victoria. But this evening he was meeting with the members of the New York Society.
Karolina and Anna approached the banquet table as fine ladies sat at the table and the men were milling around the ballroom puffing on their cigars and discussing politics.
Close to the table where Karolina and Anna sat down, several men were standing in a semicircle around a short older bald headed man with only slight wisps of white hair. The older man was the former president. Anna’s husband spotted them from the bar and trailed by Sigel hurried up to their table and introduced himself and his guests to the former president. He bowed to the ladies and barely acknowledged the two men. Franz Sigel managed to approach him and inform him of his recent exploits in Baden. Van Buren only raised an eyebrow and turned to face the other men in a semi-circle around him.
“Mr. President, will you be continuing to support President Pierce in his views about slavery in the Kansas and Nebraska territories?” A young man asked the former president. The short round former president guffawed and looked at the questioner with a keen eye while an older man next to Van Buren smirked and…

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