The Violence And Horror Of The Two World Wars And The Holocaust

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The violence and horror of the two World Wars and the Holocaust not only altered the Western notion of ‘religion’ and ‘secular’ but changed how society was understood. With the deaths of millions and a 90% wipe out of the Jewish race in Europe alone by the notions of one singular Germany party who rose to power through Germany’s weak years from the recovery of the First World War. Yet not all Germans were involved in this persecution nor did many of them actually understand fully the real horrors of what was occurring in their nation. From WW1 many people turned away from the church, one of the first great declines ever seen, yet they kept their faith in God. Thus when WW2 occurred and a great loss of live was seen once more people now turned their backs on God as he was seen not to be there in preventing the devastation and people felt abandoned by him. There has been a long history in our world of persecution against the Jews yet not to the scale of the Holocaust. With this many Jews believed they were God’s chosen people and he had a plan for them and viewed the holocaust as punishment for their sins, "Because of our sins we were punished" – (an Orthodox response to the Holocaust as punishment for the sins of European Jews.)
The aftermath of World War One left over seven million civilian’s died and over nine million combatants killed. It occurred across main Europe and was arguably one of the most violent and deadliest conflicts to arise in history, and undoubtedly…

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