Our Own Government

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Sarah Berkey
Soc 101
Professor Robinson
2 May 2016
Murder by Our Own Government The government has many ways to abide to their own rules but when the citizens do not they are the ones who suffer the consequences. Generally, the authority locks people away for murder just to murder them any way by sentencing them to the death penalty, makes sense, right? Murder is wrong. Citizens have been taught this and lectured by parents, mentors, grandparents etc. But as people grow up, who ends up being the mature ones? Who do the people look up to at times of vulnerability when the problem starts from the government who promised freedom? Laws such as capital punishment are set but in reality, people with higher power abuse it in the court room just
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The government is composed of knowledgeable people who could all form a better way to enforce these wrong doings. Not to mention that “Along with the framing of the death penalty as expensive, there has been a concomitant emphasis on it being ineffective and inefficient. Inefficiency and costliness are entirely compatible with neoliberal discourses and conservative framing of the issue, and hence more likely to garner support from at least some segments of the right-leaning constituency (Eren). It is hard to understand why the government would fund something that is ineffective, when they could be funding something that is, all while saving the lives of those allegedly on the death sentence. “They say that “restorative justice,” through “peace circles,” mediation and other methods, promotes conciliation and remediation by bringing of- fenders, victims and community members together to determine how best to help victims and rehabilitate offenders. Advocates say restorative justice can potentially reduce repeat offenses, incarceration rates and court costs (Lyons). Ideas such as Lyons are a great start to healthy alternatives and with the help from the government could be an effective way abolish the death penalty. Giving people the chance to improve on themselves and continue to live their life with the choices they had made, would show a lot more character and strength about what kind of country we are. The government should be more open to these possibilities but instead the many States that are moving away from capital punishment, the divisions on the Court still remain sharp and clear

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