Essay about The Village on the Sea

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Anita Desai's wonderful novel tells the story of a family living in the small fishing village of Thul, 14 kilometres from Bombay, India. It is more precisely the story of two young people, Hari, a boy of 14, and Lila, a girl of 13, with a will to survive. Their task is not easy. Lila has to look after their mother who is very ill with fever and requires constant care. She is also in charge of all the household chores and has to look after their two younger sisters, Bela and Kamal. Hari on the other hand has to work in the fields, selling whatever he can at the market to feed the family. Indeed, their father has long ceased to be a fisherman, his sole occupation being to get drunk on toddy every night along with his chums in the village. …show more content…
Anita Desai’s vivid imagery and appropriate settings and a good plot make this, a book well worth reading. |
|Anita Desai was born in 1937 in Mussoorie to a German mother and Bengali father. She spent much of her time in Delhi. Desai is among |
|the well known Indian writers in English and is at present in the United States, where she is the John E. Burchard Professor of Writing|
|at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. |
|Her other novels include Fire on the Mountain (1977), which won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize, and Clear Light of Day (1980), In |
|Custody (1984) and Fasting, Feasting (1999), each of which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. In Custody was made into a film by |
|Merchant Ivory productions. Her children's book The Village by the Sea (1982), won the Guardian Children's Fiction Award. |
| |
|Excerpt: Hari who had bought neither tea nor fruit at the pier nor food from home in the night, sat very quietly on the floor of the |
|boat and no one paid him any attention at all. There was no one else from Thul in his boat, it was full of strangers from other |
|villages along

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