Essay on The View Of The Picture

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The picture provided depicts the accepted impression that in America that the privileged youth of today are in destitution. Since the beginning of our nation, we repetitively have demonstrated that dwindling family income is a key determinant of pressure throughout social, emotional, and developmental problems. I believe I have experienced this phenomenon first hand but also challenge certain beliefs because although I was born and raised in a nice suburban neighborhood and attended a private education my whole life until college. Throughout my years in private education and living in an upper middle-class arrangement and much to my astonishment, the prosperous peers surrounding me consequently became significantly more disconnected to the opportunities presented before them and many wasted these opportunities yet still succeeded in societies eyes with position and stature. I believe the picture is implying that the rich and wealthy are more privileged and judging by the older and established people in the picture; this has been happening long before my experiences. Seeing the children in the photograph, I would like to discuss the excessive emphasis on children 's accomplishments. Generally parents enthusiastically steer their children to appreciate the same indulgences that they have been privileged enough to experience from their own prosperous educational occurrences and professional vocations. Desiring children to perform to the best of their ability is certainly…

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