The Vietnam Was Not A Pretty War Essay

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The Vietnam was not a pretty war, there were many young kids that got drafted and others that wanted to go, like Ted Boquist. Boquist was a young kid straight out of high school and wanted to get away from his small hometown so Boquist decided to fight a war that many wish would never had happened. Boquist’s experience in the war was what most people expected it to be like, he was sent to basic training, AIT, and eventually to Vietnam to defend our country. Luckily he made it back safely, and he made it back safely with a true story to tell. This was not the case for many other soldiers that went to war and returned.
Boquist was not like a normal kid in 1965, Boquist actually wanted to go to Vietnam to fight the war so he enlisted himself. Boquist was one of the 2.5 million people that were going to go to VietnamBoquist was just a normal high school student, played multiple sports but there was really nothing else to do, and he wanted to get out of the small town of Redgranite, WI. In Redgranite there really is no post-secondary education, Boquist didn 't have a college to go to so Boquist got a job as a construction worker right away. This was the case for a lot of people in 1965, there were a lot of laborers with just high school educations that made good candidates for the war. Boquist had a buddy that wanted to go in with him so that helped him make his decision, and at the end of the summer his boss quit construction. Boquist didn 't have another job to go to, so he…

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