Essay about The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a diversified battle not only in race, but in circumstance. Men were forced to leave their families to take part in gruesome battle. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed not only in combat, but in the homes of the anxious loved ones left behind.
A small town boy, born in 1948, was filled with eager anxiety as his eyes readily scanned the draft letter stamped with his name just nineteen short years later. Emotions surged through the minds of the young newlyweds just beginning a life together. Lawrence Foster’s wife expressed abundant support when he departed for boot camp at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
Foster labored through several boot camps including Fort Bragg, Fort Polk, and Okinawa. Though the food was bland and the drill sergeants intimidating, he deeply treasured the relationships that he developed. While these relationships transpired quickly, the territory remained unfamiliar, and Foster longed for comfort from a world he once knew as his sanctuary. He awaited his wife’s touch. He awaited reassurance that he was safe. Before she could experience his new world, Red Cross stopped her. That so familiar feeling of the paper trembling between his fingers plowed a pit in his stomach. That reassuring touch was only a long lost dream as he reluctantly gathered his things. His new orders were sending him to Vietnam.
Foster soon met with the six men whom he would accompany on the long journey ahead. The USS Transglobe became these men’s temporary solitude.…

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