The Vietnam War Was An Horrible War Essay

1894 Words May 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Throughout the history of humanity, there were many wars that rewrote the history books. Wars were fought for many reasons: conflicts, revolution, and coups. Usually, people start a war because of only one reason: to create a better life for themselves. A government wants more lands for their country, more people to work for them, and independence for their themselves. However, not every war is a good war. There are always terrible costs after the war. The Vietnam war was an awful war because not only the costs of the war were terrible, but the causes of it were meaningless. The 36th American president Lyndon B. Johnson’s decision to go to war with Vietnam in 1964 was a horrible mistake for both the American and the Vietnamese people. The conflict between Vietnam and the United States started a long time ago, even before the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was just an excuse for the United States to go to war with North Vietnam. The main reason for the conflict between the United States and North Vietnam was that North Vietnam’s government was Communist and the United States government was Democratic. Communism was a slap in the face for the United States. Historian Andrew J. Rotter claimed that “The United States, policymakers, and most Americans, regarded communism as the antithesis of all they held dear. Communists scorned democracy, violated human rights, pursued military aggression, and created closed state economies that barely traded with…

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