The Vietnam War And His Military Strategy Essay

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Finally, Military involvements in wars demonstrate how America cared much more for their influences and motives than being passive. General Westmoreland’s involvement in the Vietnam war and his military strategy is a great example, as well as the Tet Offensive event that partook in the war. Once more going back to the Vietnam War, General Westmoreland partook an important role. He was the permanent commander of MACV and given command of all US forces in Vietnam. General Westmoreland perceived the escalation of the conflict and had “535,000 troops under his control when he departed in 1968” (Hickman 1). He was a terror, and to no surprise portrayed by their own media as a hero. Even named “man of the year” by Times magazine at one point. Military Expert, Kennedy Hickman says General Westmoreland Employed, “an aggressive strategy of search and destroy, he sought to draw the forces of the Viet Cong (National Liberation Front) into the open where they could be eliminated. Westmoreland believed that the Viet Cong could be defeated through large-scale use of artillery, air power, and large-unit battles” (Hickman 1). Here Hickman explains the horrendous military strategy General Westmoreland implemented in the war. His conservative nature did not question the outcomes or even the immense violent power he needed in order to follow through. Large-scale use of artillery, air power, and large unit battles were not necessary, but for someone like him it meant everything, it meant…

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