The Veterans Of The Vietnam War Through Operation Enduring Freedom

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Numerous veterans of the Vietnam War through Operation Enduring Freedom are faced with the disillusionment created by their enormous sacrifices and the slow removal of the U.S. military from the campaign. In turn, veterans and their families often lament the loss of friends, daughters, sons, lovers, spouses, parents, extended family members, sanity, and body parts in countries which are over-run after an American drawdown. This raises the question, do U.S. leaders have prior knowledge that a war-torn country cannot sustain itself, and if so, why do they subject American troops to a drawdown which may take months or years? Often, veterans of these wars later watch television and witness the reoccupation of enemy fighters in places where they have fought and served. Subsequently, the author of this paper explored what other professions say on this matter. Although peer reviewed, the below articles were not taken from a social work or a psychology publication. Currently, there is not adequate information written on the ineffectiveness, waste, and futility of modern warfare and its impact on American servicemembers and their families.
Can an American Soldier Ever Die in Vain?
Samet (2014), a West Point professor, investigates “sterile pity” (p. 75), sentimentality, and the realities of war in the context of contemporary America. In an age where the NFL, beer commercials, the President, and country music stars croon about America’s heroes, something is…

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