The Very Beginning Of The Book Essay

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The very beginning of the book, the author tells her early life story. She spoke of her childhood and the factors there that influenced the reasons for why she pursued the career that she did, that is, that her brother has schizophrenia. I found this rather interesting, that she had such a nearby influence, as it seems that many people are influenced by factors in their childhood and family in the choosing of future careers and research interest. A personal connection. I can understand this, and her comments about how just from watching her brother interact with the world caused her to develop a deep interest in the neurosciences, made me think of my own interests and how my own family has shaped the path that I’ve chosen.

She spoke of the research she was actively engaged in, that of looking at brain tissue samples and seeing how the neurotransmitters interact. The sheer thought that even after death that such miniscule processes can be researched effectively makes me wonder at how people even thought of looking into in the first place. Nevertheless, this in-depth understanding and knowledge about how the brain functions meant that when she had her stroke, she had an uncanny knowledge of what exactly was happening.

Chapter 2:

In the second chapter, she talked about some of the basic structures of the brain. Brains are constantly changing from one moment to the next, with people training and retraining their neurons to do different and new things. Everyone is constantly…

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