Essay on The Venus of Willendorf Formal Analysis

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The Venus of Willendorf is one of the oldest and most famous early images of a human. She represents what use to be the “ideal woman” with her curvy figure and the emphasis on fertility seen in the features of her sculpted body. This paper will analyze the Venus of Willendorf sculpture in terms of its formal analysis. Most of the information about the Venus of Willendorf is based on scientific research and theory because there is no actual documentation that dates back as far as the sculpture. The Venus of Willendorf was sculpted long before any type of written language was discovered. There are a few different dates as to when art historians believe she was sculpted depending on the source, but typically it is believed that the Venus …show more content…
The large breasts, stomach, and pelvic region are not in proportion with the rest of the small figurines body because the artist wanted there to be a great emphasis on only the parts necessary for reproduction. The scale of this sculpture is very small compared to actual people and stands only 4 ½” tall, compared to the average 5’8’’ human being, but despite its small stature, the importance and emphasis on fertility is clearly displayed in the tiny figurine. The Venus of Willendorf is a 3D sculpture. It is considered to be a figure in the round with its small 3D curvy stature. The figurine is very small, standing to be only 4 ½’’ tall and is about half as wide as it is tall. It is a small portable sculpture that was easy for the hunter-gatherer artist to carry along. Considering that the Venus of Willendorf is a sculpture, it has actual shapes with boundaries and does not have any implied shapes. The sculpture has a positive-negative shape relationship with the positive shapes being the breasts, stomach, and pelvic region since they are larger and claim greater attention, and the negative shapes being the rest of the body which is smaller and claims less attention then the reproductive features of the body. The sculpture is made up of organic shapes with its curvy figure and non-realistic emphasis on the features of the female body. The shapes on the Venus of Willendorf’s body

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